Sunday, July 1, 2012

Bike Ride x 2

So, I took the kids to see the Avengers movie Saturday . It was brilliant. I would say my favorite super-hero movie EVER! Joss Whedon is genius! I ate nachos at the movie but still managed to stay under calories for the day!

I promised my daughter we would go for a bike ride yesterday. So we did the same route as the other day and since I paced myself better I didn't feel as winded when we were back. My sister-in-law had asked to come and I didn't call her when we went so I went on a second bike ride with her. Almost the same distance! It was great! I'm still using my sons' bike so unless he wants to start riding with us I'll just continue to use his for now. The gel seat does help too. My butt doesn't hurt today, yay! I can't wait to go again, but it's definitely too hot during the day to go so it's an evening type of activity. Tonight we will ride our bikes to see the fireworks, it's Canada Day (Canada's Birthday). It's only about a kilometer each way.

I cheated today, I weighed myself this morning. If I have a good day today then I will be down 4 pounds for the week when I do my official weigh-in tomorrow. I am making hamburgers for supper tonight with extra lean ground beef. Hopefully I don't over indulge!

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