Wednesday, December 30, 2015

How I Lost 50 Pounds

So as you likely know, once upon a time, I lost 50 pounds. . .and actually the secret truth is that I lost 60. I am not proud that I had that much weight to lose, but I'm proud that I lost it. Yes, I gained 10 back but that seems to be the easiest spot to maintain and I am happy with it.

I don't have many before/after pics, this is the best I can do!

I am not here to preach about how to lose weight, or what the best method is to do it.  The best way is the way that works for you.

However, I will tell you this.  You have to be ready to do it.  There's telling yourself you're ready when you are not.  And then there is actually BEING ready.  

If you are not really ready you will know fairly soon. You will figure "I'll just have a little" of something and instead it turns into having a whole lot of that something.  I'm not saying that isn't going to happen even when you are actually ready.  It's just that when you're not ready, that whole lot will turn into a whole lot more and into a series of bad days until you realize that you weren't ready.  

When you really are ready you will realize what you have done and behave after that one bad day, or you won't let that day get that bad to begin with.

So where did I start?  I really started paying attention to what I was eating.  This does not mean that I ate "healthy" food, I still ate mostly my regular food.  Instead of having seconds, I would only eat firsts!  I would take one serving only.  For example, if the box says one serving equals 3/4 cup, I only took 3/4 cup.  One piece of meat, or two if it was smaller.  One cup of cereal with 1/2 cup of milk and so on.  

My thoughts. . .everything in moderation! You want chocolate, have chocolate. . .just eat 1/2 of the chocolate bar (put the rest in a Ziploc bag for the next time or give it away so it can't tempt you - everyone at work wants the other half of my chocolate bar). You want chips, eat chips. . .just take one small bowl. The best thing I own is a digital kitchen scale, then I can measure just one serving.  Moderation is key, if you deprive yourself you will eventually snap and binge. This way you can factor a little "cheat" into your day and not feel guilty!

I ate fast food!  I didn't usually eat a giant burger and fries (I admit it happened occasionally), I just got that one thing I really wanted.  Maybe a burger one time, fries another time.  I did LET myself have that bad day once in a while though (usually once a week).  Then I returned to my good days.

Now this worked for me, I'm not saying it will work for you.  You might not agree with my way. Maybe you want to do it differently, perhaps a "real" diet, or cutting carbs, or trying to be a vegetarian or maybe trying Paleo (this one interests me but is extremely difficult due to nut allergies in my household).  But if you are wondering how I did it then that was it. I have also fallen off the "food" wagon many times, but when a few pounds creep back on, I go back to being good.

This blog is a diary of my entire weight loss journey. It is a documentation of my highs and lows, my good days and bad. Please feel free to look around (although you may need a pillow).  

Saturday, December 26, 2015

It's Time to Try That "Crazy Wrap Thing" That People are Talking About

I had no intention of ever joining It Works, but the only product that I had ever heard of was "the wrap". I didn't know that they had all sorts of health and wellness products and I certainly had no interest in "the wrap".

Fast-forward to this summer when I learned about some of the other products offered by It Works. Yes, I was skeptical of their weight-loss products, but the health and wellness products had me interested enough to do some research and eventually take the leap. I needed try it myself, form my own opinions, and prove that it did or didn't work.

I am tremendously happy with every product I have tried, so the time has come. . .it's time to test out this wrap thing.

I admit it, I knew nothing about "the wrap".  I presumed you had to wrap it all the way around you, and that it would squish me and make me hot. I could not have been more wrong. 

"The wrap" is actually called the "Ultimate Body Applicator".  It is a non-woven cloth that is infused with a botanically-based cream formulated to deliver maximum tightening, toning, and firming results. It does not make you lose weight or fat! It continuously hydrates for firmer, smoother, more youthful-looking skin, and reduces the appearance of cellulite and skin slackening. This tightening is what makes your problem area look more toned. Problem area? You can use it on your stomach, sides, back, arms, legs. . .pretty much anywhere except your face.


So first of all, for a person of my size, it covers my stomach and sides only, so not a squishy body wrap. Once you apply it to your skin, you need to secure it with form-fitting clothing, or saran-wrap (sounds too warm for me), or perhaps a tensor bandage. (It Works also has an item called Fab Wrap which you can wrap around you to secure the applicator as well.) I used a tight tank top over the applicator and then a tight workout top over that. I then noted my thoughts in my iPhone so that I could remember my first impressions.
  • I loved the smell, maybe menthol, not sure, but I liked it!
  • It felt good on my skin as soon as I put it on, and as I wore it longer, it felt cool on my skin.
  • The only "problem" is that you need to drink a lot of water and I was still full from dinner. I just made sure I drank 8 ounces every 10 minutes (I set a timer).
  • You might think I'm crazy, but I swear I felt my skin tightening later after the wrap was off for a while (maybe from the cream soaking in and drying).

So then I monitor my results for 72 hours (i.e. before and after pictures) and drink tons of water. You need to drink half your body weight (in pounds) in fluid ounces of water daily. You have to stay well hydrated to maximize the results.


Do it again (after at least 72 hours)! One applicator is just a sample. . .four is a full treatment (kind of like those teeth-whitening strips, you can't expect results after just one strip, you do the whole package).


As per the product info, "While results from the Ultimate Body Applicator are lasting, you can counteract the results from the Ultimate Body Applicator by eating poorly and not regularly exercising (as is true with any weight loss or body contouring results)." I have read online two to six months depending on your eating, drinking and exercise habits.


I still have three more wraps to do to consider it a whole treatment but these are my one wrap results. It's actually something that I have a tough time sharing because I am literally letting it all hang out. I do still have weight to be lost, and my food-baby certainly isn't getting any help over the holidays, but this is where I am at (keep in mind that my best efforts to eat well have been thwarted by holiday goodies), I think I see teenie-tiny results though.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

30 Days and Five Pounds Lost!

I started this post half way through the week so it got a little long. You are welcome to skip down to the results as that's what it's all about, right?!?!?

Half way through week four and I was seeing no progress. Yes, this is my fault, as I haven't been on my best food behaviour. I haven't been tremendously bad, but I haven't been creating any major calorie deficits. It's not like I picked the easiest time of year to lose a few pounds though, I know! I am also doing zero exercise, so I really have nothing to blame except me. 

BUT. . .

If the Thermofit is supposed to promote the burning of calories, and the Formula FF is supposed to block some of the fat and carbohydrates from meals, then I was hoping to see some sort of result. At least I'm not gaining though, but. . .


#1) I am currently taking Thermofit twice a day. One tablet with breakfast and lunch. That is what the "American" instructions advise. (Take one tablet two to three times per day with meals.) So, I am going to switch to the "Canadian" instructions that advise to take two tablets, once per day with a meal.

#2) I am currently taking the Formula FF once a day. Two tablets after the largest meal (usually dinner). These are the "Canadian" instructions. So I'm going to switch to the "American" instructions and take one to two tablets after your two largest meals of the day.


On Tuesday Olive Garden brought in lunch for us at work, and I also had a dinner banquet that night. Wednesday our bosses brought us Christmas dainties...Nanimo bars, butter tarts, peanut butter-marshmallow thingys (those are my favorites), and more! Friday we had Christmas lunch at the Old Spaghetti Factory. Disaster??? No! I lost a pound!!! 

So my 30 day results are that I lost 5 pounds! Not too shabby for someone who has less to lose then I once did. 

So just think. . .if you start January 1st and you lose, on average, five pounds a month, that's 60 pounds you can lose by next Christmas! It seems far away, I know, but just think how happy you would be right now if you had started last January and succeeded? 

Please visit or contact me today for more information on the products. Whether you live in the US, Canada, England, Australia, or many other countries*, I can help you start.

*not all products are available in all countries

Friday, December 4, 2015

Week Three! Loving This Journey, Even When the Progress is Slow

Men, you may want to skip to below the minions posted below. . .

What's it like to have a period without cramps? Amazing, awesome, incredible, surprising, wonderful, marvellous, unbelievable!!! It has never happened before! 

An internet search of vitamins to relieve period pain brought me to these results: B vitamins, calcium citrate, antioxidants (including vitamins A, D, and E), and magnesium. Guess what vitamins are in It's Vital Core Nutrition? Yep, those ones, and a whole lot more! Turmeric is also a natural herb that is thought to relieve menstrual pain and an antioxidant, and it's in there too!

I also had absolutely no pre-menstrual cravings. That was possibly the Formula FF doing their job. However, during the first few days I wanted to eat EVERYTHING! I have now returned to no cravings, and in fact, haven't been feeling all that hungry.

Next month, I'm going to try taking Confianza during that time. Maybe I can eliminate the bitchy too! ;)

Confianza helps you deal with physical, emotional and environmental stress in a natural way; their herbal dietary supplement consists of natural ingredients that help you reduce stress and fatigue while increasing your energy levels.

I didn't meet this weeks goal. A loss is a loss though, and I must be satisfied. This is going to be a tough month, but that can't be an excuse. I just have to keep moving forward.