Friday, November 30, 2012

It's Been Too Long

It's been too long since I last visited. 

This past Tuesday I got back to Couch to 5k after a week off.  The flu had pretty much left me with no strength or energy but I felt good and I rocked it!  I'm not saying it wasn't hard, but I made it through!  The last two minutes are definitely killer.  Lungs burning, side aching.  I repeated it again tonight.  This time add shoulder pain.  I added stretches for my shoulders before my runs but I still had pain near the end of the run.

I'm not ready for week five yet.  Day one might be okay, it's three five-minute runs, but day two is TWO eight minute runs!!! I can't imagine it, but then again a few weeks ago I couldn't have imagined running for five minutes! It truly amazes me that I can do it.

I'm a little worried about my weigh in on Monday.  Since I didn't exercise at all for a week, I had put back on three pounds.  Really?  Uhg!  I was still eating right.  This week with the runs and pretty decent calorie days I'm hoping to have at least lost those three pounds again.  I know I should exercise more but there is not enough time in the day or week.  I just want some quiet time sometimes.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Falling up!

Just thought I'd stop in for an update since it has been a while! 

I finally started Couch to 5k Week 4 last Saturday.  I ran for 16 minutes!!!  Me!  16 minutes!  Okay, not all at once, but I ran for 3 minutes, then 5, then 3, then 5, with 1 1/2 minutes walking between the 3 and the 5 minute runs and a 2 1/2 minute walk between the first 5 and the second 3 minute walk. Still, I did it!!! I didn't think I could make it but I made myself try anyway!

I was aiming for 30 pounds this week and I actually hit 32!  What a great feeling!  An even better feeling is that more people are commenting. 

This week hasn't been a great one though.  When I went to do my run on Tuesday I had to cut the last two minutes of running because I wasn't feeling well, I finished off with the five minute walk though.  I guess it was a sign because I ended up being sick at work on Wednesday, staying home in bed on Thursday and tonight I'm just too tired and will be going to bed early.  Tomorrow is my work Christmas party, so it looks like I won't get to the treadmill until Sunday if I'm lucky.  I guess I'll be restarting Week 4!!!

Sometimes when you're up, you fall. But that's okay as long as you pick yourself up and try again!!!

Monday, November 12, 2012

It Gets Easier but I'm Guessing That's Just Temporary

It looks like I've moved to weekly posts!  Okay, almost weekly anyway as it's been a few days since my last.  I haven't got a lot to say at once so I've kind of been saving up!

I forgot to do my weigh in this morning, oops! That's okay, I'm all bloaty today anyway.

I did my Couch to 5k, Week 3 Day 3 tonight. Although it was hard to get through those three-minute "runs", I got through and when I was done them I recovered much quicker. I'm not ready for week 4 yet so I will do one more day of week 3 for sure.   My feet didn't hurt tonight either but it has been three days since my last run (extra rest day but worked out on the glider).  I'm still waiting for my insoles to arrive so that I can test those out.  I figure that if they don't work out I might have to buy myself an early Christmas present of new runners.

People are noticing, yay!!! Another co-worker has been bugging me about my pants being too big, and a co-worker from another department mentioned it as well. . .it may have helped that I was wearing pants that actually fit well that day. Noticeable results make it all worth while!

I bought a new zippered sweater for winter on the weekend. I got size XL in a store that I always had to buy XXL in before. When I zipped it up my daughter says "you're skinny mom", oh she's the best! I have ordered two more shirts online in XL's and I'm really hoping they work for me.  I also bought a few pair of well fitting pants from a thrift store.  I don't want to spend a lot on work clothes when I plan to still try to lose more weight and need a smaller size again! 

I must keep thinking positive and I must maintain my will-power.  It's hard sometimes, of coarse, but I don't want to go back up again.  I need to keep it off this time so I need to make my entire food-philosophy change permanently.  I will have to always keep in mind the advice I have given others when they ask how I've gotten this far.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Ankle Pain-In-My-Ass!

I haven't been at my best for the last week or so, but somehow I still managed to loose 1.2 pounds on my weigh-in this week.  Mostly, it's just busy family life making exercising harder to squeeze in, but birthday parties on the weekend had led to me being really, really bad.  I was quite surprised to see a lower number on the scale this morning, in fact, I had almost decided to skip the weigh-in until next week!

Back on the treadmill tonight though, Couch to 5k, Week 3.  I had to change the second three minute run to two 90 second runs as my ankle was hurting. It was still the same amount of time though, but I will repeat day one next time.

So here's what I need. . .I need advice on runners. I under pronate when I'm running. This causes pain on the outside (smaller area) of the foot and leads to ankle pain. I have tried several different runners and just when I thought I found the best one's, the pain is back! So if you have been (or are) overweight and have started or are well into a running program yourself, have you found a truly comfy pair of shoes? I'm especially interested in other people who have problems with underpronation.

I have ordered a pair of Sof Sole Stable Trac Insoles.  I do hope that these will do the trick.  I found them recommended on Runner's World after I ordered them so I'm really hoping they solve my problem and maybe I can wear those new Nike's that had been hurting my feet.  I have to wait for them to arrive in the mail though! Patience, they're coming from the U.S.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Some Not-So-Good Days

I can't believe I haven't posted in a week!  I mean, I guess I can believe it, after all it has been a very uneventful week. 

I survived Halloween despite the candy (three pieces)! I still got to do the Couch to 5k that evening and it didn't feel too bad. Don't get me wrong, it was hard, but my muscles didn't feel as tired as the previous time. Instead of pigging out on Halloween treats that night I made a spinach and goat cheese pizza, it was so yummy. I have stocked my freezer with a few of them as they are a good, low-calorie per serving, snack.

The remainder of the week didn't go as well.  We had two "parties" for my daughters' birthday this weekend.  Friday evening I had planned for a fabulously fattening evening with family friends (multiple birthdays), and I wasn't planning on feeling guilty about it.  Then on Saturday it was her "friend" birthday party.  There was junk food and pizza and I ate far more than I had planned, no willpower!

So all this busy-busy left me with no time to do my Couch to 5k.  Tonight I dragged my ass to the treadmill, I really didn't want to do it, but I did.  I was at slower speeds then I have been and burned less calories because of that but I still did it.  I had a bit of foot pain though, damn it.  I hope it's nothing, perhaps my shoe wasn't tied tight enough. 

I have ordered some insoles for my new Nike's (the ones that I haven't worn since they caused me so much pain).  These insoles are supposed to have shock-absorbing arch support.  On one hand I can't wait to get them and try them in my shoes, on the other hand I am apprehensive about it in case they don't solve the problem.  I hope they arrive soon so I can find out.