Sunday, September 21, 2014

Damage, Redone

I have failed you!  I have failed me!  I fed the stress, I fed it a lot!  The sad part is that I had the will power to not feed the stress but I made the choice to feed it anyway.  Yes, it made me feel better for that moment, but it did not solve the problem.  The result, I'm right back where I started three weeks ago.

I continue on this downward spiral and I fully understand the emotional connection people have to food.  

Once upon a time. . .just kidding! My previous job was extremely stressful and I ate ALOT.  When I started my new job four years ago, it was far less stressful and for probably the first time, I could leave work smiling.  After a while I decided it was time to lose weight and I did it because I had the time to dedicate to eating properly and less stress resulting in less comfort eating.  Then I switched to a new position and initially I struggled with my eating habits.  I was stressed, I had no time to eat regularly while I was at work, so I went through a bad period.  Things settled as I learned my new job, and I was able to continue my journey.  Now the stress has hit the fan. Despite my best effort to try to stay "relaxed" as soon as my stresser shows up I find myself in a very bad place again and it's happening every day lately!  I eat!  And I eat more!  
So once again I am approaching Monday and planning on conquering the week.  I plan to eat well and maybe even start exercising again. . .I believe this week we will finally be getting back into our regular routines so hopefully that can lead to some normalcy.  I wish me luck!!!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Weekend Update

This post is actually from my first week back. . .I forgot to publish it last weekend!

The work week started off with a saboteur!  An innocent co-worker put a bag of six homemade peanut butter cookies on my desk on my first day back from vacation.  I had 220 emails to go through and I ate the cookies!   They were there, I was hungry, I was stressed, and I couldn't stop.  Okay, not couldn't, wouldn't.  Damn!
I did much better for the remainder of the week including a department lunch at a BBQ restaurant.  I was able to keep my calorie intake at reasonable amounts.  I was conscious of keeping my fluid intake to at least two litres per day (8 cups) helping my stomach to think it was full.

Yesterday, Saturday, was a bit tougher.  I tend to eat bad foods on the weekend but still try to stay in check.  T.o.m. should be visiting so not eating everything in the house was a challenge.  I did it though and despite being a pretty lazy day, I broke even on calories.

Which bring us to today.  Two pounds down, four to go.  This is okay especially because of T.o.m's visit.  If I can lose another two this week, and two more the week after then the holiday damage will be undone.
We did go pick out and pay for a new mattress set, which will arrive next weekend.  I hope that will help with my tiredness issues.  Also, lack of sleep raises cortisol levels, which can also lead to overeating.  (See post Stress Eating Does Exist.)  Here's hoping!

Monday, September 1, 2014

September 1, Here We Go Again

169.6. . .Oops!  Not oops, really.  I knew what I was doing and set September 1st as my end date.  I have not run since July 19th and I have been on vacation for the last two weeks so I have been carefree.  Starting today it is time to care again.

It's hard though.   Since I've been back from my trip I have been feeling my tired-achy-self again. We visited my sister, her husband, and their new babies in Vancouver.  While I was there I got up early, washed baby bottles, made breakfast, prepared dinner in the slow cooker a few times, and took my kids out for a while during the day; and I felt good.  Since I've been back I am back to horrible sleeps, not wanting to get up, and sore achy joints again.  And the dread of returning to work tomorrow.  (As I'm sure everyone wishes, I wish I didn't have to work!)
The first solution to this is to buy a new bed.  Hopefully this will alleviate the horrible sleeps and some of the achy joints.  The second solution has to be to get moving again!  I had far less trouble with my achy hips when I was running.  I am hoping the return to behaving myself will not be too difficult as I feel like I am in the right mind-set right now.