Thursday, September 10, 2015

Another Thursday - Down, But Not Out

It has been an awful, awful week.  I did fairly well Sunday and Monday. I had to talk myself into going for a 5K walk by myself on Monday, but I did it.  I knew that the week ahead wasn't going to leave me time for any walks or "runs" so I had to. Tuesday though, Tuesday was a disaster. . .

I was constantly hungry. Although I did my best to make healthy choices throughout the day, I ate too often and too much. (I was also a crabby bear after work, and ready to emotionally breakdown by bedtime.)

Wednesday was a decent day but was not easy.  I was definitely stress eating as work has been a bit hairy this week.

This week was pretty much a write off, although my weigh-in showed no loss but no gain either (thankfully).  I'm going to pick myself back up and continue on my way and start a new week with nothing but positive thoughts for the week ahead.

And it's going to be a rough one too. I've taken a second job, and I'll be working approximately 56 hours over the next seven days!  It won't be like this all the time, just this week as I have two training sessions to attend.  It will probably mean another week of no exercise as well, I'll just have to make sure that I get my ass back in gear when life settles down again.

Monday, September 7, 2015

And Then Came Thursday

After my weigh in on Thursday, I went downhill.  After a week-and-a-half of beautiful calorie deficits came three awful terrible food days.

I really have no excuse for Thursday.  It really started off well. Unfortunately I let myself make bad choices later in the day and treat myself to a Wendy's Frosty despite knowing that I had two bad days coming up ahead.

Friday we were having dinner at a friends.  While I could have chosen to eat light, I filled my plate and pigged out.  The foods of choice: KFC chicken and fries, as well as breadsticks with our salad (at least a small part was healthy).  And as if that wasn't already bad, I topped it with two Smores Oreo cookies.

Saturday we had a family event.  A cousin was visiting from England.  This is a rare event despite the large family we come from.  It was a potluck and despite my plans to take very little and fill my plate with veggies and fruit, I failed and filled my plate with everything else including some of my favourites - pirogies and potato salad.

Sunday, oh Sunday. . .finally a day to get back on track.  I did well but it was certainly a struggle.  If I was just starting, it could be the breaking point, but thankfully I know that this is something I can get past.

I have not exercised the last four days either.  However, I can still confidently say "I've got this".  My mind is made up and I need to get to the end of September so that I can get to the next part of my plan.  I promise that I'll fill you in when I get there!

Saturday, September 5, 2015

The Week That Was

Well, actually, week-and-a-half. The reason being that I'd rather not keep Monday's as my weigh-in day.  This takes me up to this past Thursday.

Let's go back to the beginning.  I weighed in Monday as planned and was surprised that the results were better than expected.  I would however like to lose 7.2 pounds before my next step.  

The week (and-a-half) was extremely good.  I went on several 5k walks, and two treadmill "runs"; Couch to 5k week 3, day 3 and week 4, day 1.  My calories were quite in balance ending each day with a deficit.  I struggled with food on several days though, but came through each day okay. My weigh-in on Thursday reflected the effort, I lost 2.8 pounds, meaning I have 4.4 pounds to go.  I have approximately 4 weeks to lose that much (or more).

Friday, August 21, 2015

Time to Continue on the Journey of My Big Fat Unmotivated Ass

Well, I never did make it by with an update as I intended in my last post.  I can't even tell you how July went. . .it's just too long gone.  I can tell you that my 5K did not really happen.  We went but we mostly walked, it was far too hot outside to run. August has brought summer holidays with lots of bad food choices, but I have always intended to return to my journey, and that time is near.

As I renew my journey I plan to eventually try a new path.  When it comes time to take that path, I will share my experience so that others can see if is a path for them also.  As with any path, if it doesn't lead where I want it too, I can always return to the trusted route.

I plan to weigh in on Monday to see the damage I have done this summer and I hope that will be the day that my journey continues again.  I have plans to go for a 5K walk with a partner, as we need to start being each others motivator to get our asses of the couch.  I would like to think that I will run more as well, even if I don't have a 5K planned.  I would still like to actually be able to run 5K one day. . .or maybe not. . .that sounds so hard.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

A Long Overdue Update

It's time for a long overdue update.  I made my DietBet weigh-in, which was a month ago now.

It was getting closer and I still had a bit to lose.  I had been neither good nor bad during the weekend leading up to the weigh-in and I had two days left before I could weigh-in.  Those two days I ate great and stayed away from carbs for the most part.  I went for a jog both days and had great calorie deficits while still getting enough to feed my body, but I was still .4 of a pound over.  Thankfully DietBet gives you two days to weigh in so I continued the third day of eating great. There was no way I could jog for a third day so I put on my runners and went and rang my cousins doorbell and said let's go for a walk and off we went for a 5K walk!  I made my weigh-in just by the hair of my chinny-chin-chin!

Since then it had been a series of ups and downs.  For two weeks I jogged and walked and did fairly well with my foods.  Then my sister came to town with my baby nephews and I ate bad food and only managed one 5K walk that week.  This week I was supposed to get back to normal, but laziness won and I ate all the food that I wanted without a care.  

Problem: two weeks until my 5K and I am nowhere near ready.  Thankfully it is not a serious 5K!  This weekend there are heat warnings but I do hope to start "training" again soon.  This week I did do two lunch time yoga sessions, but that doesn't help with the running part.

Well, that's it for now.  I hope to be by soon with a good update, but I'm not making any promises.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Brief Update

It's amazing that I can let myself fuck up a week of great progress with two bad days because of PMS.  And to top it off I didn't get to go for my planned run as the weather was bad. I considered running in the rain, but the wind was quite a discouragement.  The weather today, kind of windy, no rain yet but it's coming.  However. . .[any men reading this should probably skip to the next paragraph]. . .I could probably go out for a run except day two (my first full day) is super heavy and my stomach is unpredictable so it's never wise to be far away from the house.  

Do I think I can get to 5k in seven weeks? Hell no!  I want to get to at least half plus a walk then the rest.  Big goal for me, I know, but I believe!

Maybe I should go for a run. . .LOL!

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Lifes Roadblocks

Things have been going pretty well, but sometimes life throws up more roadblocks than I care to go around.

"Running" (aka jogging) was a disaster!  Since my first attempt was awful, I decided that the best way back was to return to the Couch to 5K app.  I figured jumping in at week three was the best idea since I actually find weeks one and two complete torture.  Week three is a 90 second run, three minute run, 90 second run, three minute run.  I barely made the second three minute run.  I'm being overly dramatic, but OMG I thought I would die!  I couldn't even lift my water bottle to my mouth, I just walked for a couple minutes until I could drink!  The rest of the week (when I could go) was crappy so tomorrow (a week later) I will try it again.

At work, our big project is finally nearing an end.  However the celebrations seem to involve food so I had two really bad days last week, Thursday and Friday.  Those were the roadblocks I chose not to avoid.  I must stay in control for ten more days until I weigh in for my DietBet.  As of last Monday, I had 3.5 pounds to lose. . .I'm too scared to weigh in tomorrow. . .PMS is here too!

If only this was my "Roadblock" ;)
I would never avoid this one!
Someone posted something about weight loss not being a destination, and about being a lifestyle.  I completely disagree!  Yes, it is a lifestyle, but it's a journey with ups and downs.  You can't tell me that those with healthy lifestyles don't treat themselves once in a while.  As I have said many times, I can't see not letting myself have what I truly crave or else I would be miserable.  And that's a lifestyle I don't want to live.