Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Success and a New Outlook

I spent the weekend eating as best I could, avoiding salt and carbs, and drinking a ton of water.  Saturday breakfast was eggs with Mrs. Dash seasoning, lunch was a protein shake with fresh strawberries, dinner was a juicy chicken breast and homemade air-fried french fries (potatoes probably not the best choice).  Sunday breakfast was eggs with a low sodium salsa for seasoning, lunch was a protein shake again with banana and strawberries, dinner a basa fish fillet dipped in an egg, garlic, and oregano mixture, then fried in a pan lightly sprayed with oil.

I also did the drenched workout on Saturday and Sunday (in addition to last Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday).  My legs were certainly tired of that 8% incline!  I still felt like jell-o legs walking up the stairs at work Monday morning.

And I made my DietBet!

I also learned something.

My body is happiest where it is right now, or at least I am happy with it.  I had to work so hard to get rid of those last couple pounds and I have to admit I am not willing to do that all the time.  Sure, I'll count my calories and hopefully keep up the running, especially once spring comes and I can get outside.  But I am now happy with maintenance because I'm not willing to bust my ass to lose any more weight.  

If my weight creeps up, I will ensure that I am stricter with myself.  For now, I will return to 1700 calories a day (maintenance calories) and allow myself that one "bad" day per week.  (I had the bad day today and it was great!!)