Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Two Me's

I have discovered that there are two "Me's" happening.  The first "Me" is the semi-healthy Me who knows how great she feels after a run (or other exercise).  She knows the "high" that comes with it. Then there's the other "Me".  She's the lazy-Me.  The one who prefers to sit her tired ass on the couch.  Currently, that lazy-Me is winning.  Lazy-Me is beating the semi-healthy Me to death with a stick (metaphorically, of coarse).  Lazy-me is quite happy sitting on the couch, and semi-healthy me is letting her win.

I know I haven't been around here much, and I truly apologize.  I should be keeping this up to date but again, Lazy-Me is winning.  I would like to say that in terms of the food I have been eating there have been bad and good days.  I haven't gained weight but I'm pretty sure that as long as I'm not gaining the Lazy-Me will keep winning for a while at least.  I am hopeful that if I do notice a gain that the semi-healthy me will be back to kick Lazy-Me's ass!