Monday, September 24, 2012

Tom is Here

Well, no pounds lost this week but I blame Tom. What the hell, Tom?!? You were just here 26 days ago! So annoying. This explains my NEED to eat everything this weekend. Self control was not on the menu. I was so hungry all day today too but I made myself exercise despite wanting to eat cake instead. I burned 277 calories while reading a book on my Gazelle. Brilliant!

Tomorrow evening I will head to my mom's to do Couch to 5k. I was thinking of redoing week one, day three since I had such a big space between day one and two. I'm not sure if I'm ready for week two yet. Also, I will be heading out of town for a wedding this weekend but I already checked and there is a treadmill where I am staying so I can continue but I want to look like I'm good at it in case there is family around! So maybe I should just get really comfy with week one.

Food will also be a challenge, but I hope to pick up some healthy stuff for myself at a grocery store. There will be dining out too, but other than one restaurant where I already plan on being semi-bad, I can likely behave. I'm not sure what kind of food is offered on the plane ride though, hopefully some healthy, edible choices.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

What to Do?

I was finally able to squeeze in my Couch to 5k day two on Thursday. It wasn't without challenge! Drop kids at karate, twenty minute drive to moms, thirty minutes on treadmill, some quick stretches,try to get out of house because we were chatting of coarse, twenty minute drive back to pick them up, and I just made it in time. It was also only my second time on a treadmill. It feels more comfortable to run without hanging on but I'm scared I'm gonna fall! I'll get better with practice!  I hope to go over this evening to do day three.

I didn't do great on calories yesterday because we had a potluck at work.  I initially planned on being good, but then I would try a tiny bit of this and a tiny bit of that and I'm pretty sure it all added up to more than a tiny amount of calories.  Tonight I promised my family hot wings for dinner and it's going to be hard but I need to limit myself to just a few.  It is also my Grandma's birthday so I had a huge piece of cake this afternoon.  D'oh!

My co-workers are organizing a "Biggest Loser" competition and I am at a impasse as to if I should join.  It's only six or seven weeks long and since I already did a big chunk of weight loss I am unsure that I can lose enough to be competitive.  However, I was thinking it would give me motivation at least to maybe work harder.  I am not sure though because everyone just starting will have an advantage because their first few pounds will come off quickly.  It's only $20.00 to enter, winner take all, but since I don't have a lot of money to spare I don't want to waste it if I don't have a chance to win.  One of the males entering loses weight REALLY easy (on the downside for him, he also gains it really easy).  I don't know what to do! 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Delay in Plans

No Couch to 5k for me Tuesday night. :( Instead I spent the evening vacuuming, changing bedding, doing laundry, and spent two hours picking nits out of my daughters hair. Every year when she goes back to school she comes home with the darn things! Ugh!  I spent another hour and a half combing last night with the Licemeister Comb that I picked up, it made it so much easier to pull through her long hair.
Food-wise I have been behaving.  Last night, however, my kids had a play date with my friends' kids.  We ordered our favorite salad from one restaurant, it has feta cheese, my favorite!  And we got KFC for the kids.  I LOVE their chicken breast fillets. They are so good. . .I compare them to eating the chicken skin, just as tasty but not as fattening!

Tonight my kids have karate.  I am considering leaving them there, going to my mom's to do the Couch to 5k and going back to pick them up.  It's a lot of driving but I need to get it done!

Monday, September 17, 2012

ONE Pound?!?!

What?!? I exercised 6 out of 7 days and I lose ONE pound?!? Outrageous!!! Maybe this Couch to 5k thing will help this week but I am really discouraged. Maybe I'm building muscle and muscle weighs more than fat, right? Oh, I'm so sad. Gazelle tonight, run tomorrow, that's my plan because the kids have a play date Wednesday. I will still exercise on Wednesday as well though once we get home. . .maybe.

My ankle is causing me pain again.  I tried wearing a support while on the Gazelle but it makes my foot uncomfortable because it interferes with my arch support.  I say "maybe" for exercise because perhaps I should give it a rest.  A day off once in a while should be okay as long as it's just that - once in a while. 

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Couch to 5k

I went to McDonald's today to spoil myself with a small fry and they gave me a medium instead! It was meant to be!!!  Oh it was so good!  I figure I have to let myself have that "bad" thing once in a while or else I'm going to completely crack and order a large fry, a Big Mac, and a milkshake.  I don't want that though.  Just a few fries to keep me happy.

I really had a good day overall despite the fries.  I was low on calories and I did Day 1 of Couch to 5k!  It was okay, certainly not torture.  It was my first time on a treadmill though.  Can you believe that? I have never been on a treadmill before!  I figured out a good pace and stride for walking, but I was uncomfortable in the jog.  There was only eight one-minute cycles in the Day 1 workout so it was not a lot of time to figure it out.  I hope I can find a better comfort level next time.  I will do Day 2 on either Tuesday or Wednesday.

Wish me luck!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Another Day, Same Journey

What?!?!? Nobody read my last post?!?!? I'm so hurt! Just kidding!

The last two days have been good besides my being bad.  I knew first thing yesterday that I was in trouble.  I made plans to go to the Olive Garden again with a friend.  We ordered the Smoked Mozzarella Fonduta.  Basically it was a big bowl of melty cheese with some finely chopped tomatoes on top served with Tuscan Bread.  Then I ordered soup salad and breadsticks.  Two bowls of salad, one bowl of Zuppa Toscana (my favorite), and four breadsticks.  Yup, I said four breadsticks. Ouch! 600 calories!  I did work out when I got home and burned 280 calories so I only ended about 200 over for the day.

Then there was today.  I ordered pizza for dinner and I ate FOUR slices!!!  What an idiot I am!  I worked out again and burned 260 so ended 70 under for the day.  Excellent. 

I know I need to behave for the next two days so that I can see results on Monday.  It's the weekend though so it may require some extra effort.  I need to pick up some veggies so that I can make stir-fry.  The kids love it so it's a great, low-calorie meal. 

I wish I had more exciting things to tell you, but nothing new or exciting happening around here.  TTYL!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Starting to Feel "It"

Did I mention that I was starting to feel "it" again?  What is "it"?  "It" is the wanting to exercise, wanting to eat right, wanting to do well!  Feedback would be great though.  No one has noticed except my hubby, but maybe he's just actually being nice since he sees the effort I'm putting into this.  The people I see are the same people that I see every day so they may not notice.  I'm looking forward to seeing someone who hasn't seen me in a few months to see if they notice.  That will be the big reward.

Yesterday I had a good workout.  I burned 280 calories.  I won't do it again tonight because I can feel the pain starting.  I know you are not supposed to work the same muscle group two days in a row but I love that I can burn that many calories in 30 minutes compared to 30 minutes on the Wii Fit.  I should start biking again in the evenings since it is cooler now but this evening it's too windy.  I have been looking online for a used recumbent bike but I don't want to spend a lot so I will just keep my eyes open for now.

I'm looking forward to a good week and hopefully some great results on Monday!

Monday, September 10, 2012

To Be Continued. . .

Oh motivation, where have you gone?  Yesterday I was ready to kick ass but now I'm ready for bed.  I don't really feel like doing the Wii Fit but the Gazelle is downstairs and my daughter is outside so I can't lock up until she comes in.  If I wait much longer though I may not get my ass in gear at all.

Oh my G__(goodness)!!!!!!  This has got to be the most boring blog EVER!  Me complaining about how unmotivated I am.  Although, that is the title of the blog I suppose.  My big, fat, unmotivated ass.  So let's go, let's be motivated, LET ME GET MY ASS IN GEAR!!!!

To be continued????

Continued. . .

Definitely not my best effort but I did it! A half hour on the Gazelle and I sure had to push myself through it. I managed to burn 270 calories at least. I know, now I'm whining about actually exercising, but this blog is a diary of my weight loss journey and I have so many negative feelings that are coming out. This IS my journey, these ARE the feelings that I feel. I wish it was all easier, I wish I had more positive things to say but right now I'm still stuck right here so this me, this is my journey.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

My Big Fat Unmotivated Ass, Take Two

Well, I'm pretty sure my weigh in tomorrow morning will not show a loss.  The week, when I look back, was not very good.  I ate (mostly) the right things but did go over on calories too often and certainly did not exercise enough.  This weekend was a disaster though.  My own disaster.  A movie date with my daughter with popcorn AND nachos, followed by a family day with a train ride and no healthy choices at our destination.  Then I came home and made a healthy dinner. . .followed up with apple crumble, d'oh!  The apple crumble alone would not have been a total disaster as it was only 330 calories with just 1.7g of fat but after the rest of the day (including a slurpee), it was not wise.

I am finally feeling it again.  What "it" is exactly is the feeling I had on the very first day when I started this 13 weeks ago.  The feeling that it is time to get My Big Fat Unmotivated Ass in gear! I need to make sure that in addition to eating well every day that I exercise more than the two times I have done in each of the last two weeks. I want to do it now, but it's always easier said then done.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Recipe Time! Baked Jalapeño Peppers

Here's a nice, low calorie snack I made tonight.  Okay, low calorie only if you can stop after a couple!

Baked Cream Cheese Jalapeño Peppers

12 fresh Jalapeño peppers, halved lengthwise, stems, seeds and membranes removed
1/2 container Philadelphia Light Cream Cheese - Chive & Onion
1/4 cup finely shredded Cheddar Cheese

Pre-heat oven to 425.

In bowl, combine cream cheese and shredded cheese.  I also used 1/2 of one jalapeño and chopped it finely and mixed it.

Spoon cheese mixture into jalapeños.  Place on foil lined baking sheet.  Bake for 15 minutes.


Note: The peppers I used were about 3 inches long, if using larger peppers either double recipe or use 6 peppers only.  Also double the nutritional info.

(I forgot to take a picture until I already dirtied my plate!)

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Calories, Nasty Little Buggers!

A few calories over my goal today but a 290 calorie workout took care of those and a few other of those nasty little buggers. Going over by a few seems to be my motivation to exercise and once I start exercising I don't just want to take care of my extra calories, I want to do more!  I'm not saying that I will purposely go over on calories, but when I do at least I'm getting my ass in gear!


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Best Inspiration of All!!!

The best inspiration of all is stepping on the scale and hitting the twenty pound mark.  Yes, that's right, my official weigh in yesterday morning was two pounds less than my sneak peak on Saturday!  In twelve weeks I have lost twenty pounds!!!! I was so excited!  It should be self-motivation but unfortunately it hasn't helped.

Sadly, it's more of the same to report.  I still haven't been too interested in exercise.  Tonight I was  going to give my house a good vacuum again because that makes for good exercise but I've been so busy getting the kids ready for school that I just don't feel like it.  I am going to at least walk to the store later so I can say I did something tonight.

What can I do?  I'm tired of writing about it and I'm sure you're tired of reading about it.  I know it's easy to say or think "just get off your ass and do it".  Unfortunately right now it's just not cutting it.  I hope. . .I hope my get-up-and-go comes back soon because if I could lose twenty more pounds in twelve more weeks I would be ecstatic!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

I Cheated

I cheated. . .but not in the way that you would think. I weighed myself this morning. I have lost 2.4 pounds this week for an overall total of 18.2 pounds! This will give me the motivation I need to stay on track this weekend so when I do my official weigh in on Monday I will not have increased over the weekend! This is great! The reason I wanted to weigh myself is because ALL my clothes are starting to feel too loose, including my stretchy yoga pants.

I guess I should say that for the last two days I have been behaving. It's been hard to stay on track calorie-wise despite the PGX. I still eat just as much but spread it out further so I don't get the hunger pains. Thursday I went over on calories so I forced myself to the Gazelle and burned those extra calories (and more). Yesterday I did Wii Fit. Neither day did I get that "feels good" high that I was getting during exercise but I hope that feeling returns soon because it is more encouraging.

For now, I still feel stuck in some sort of funk but as long as I can be in this funk and not fall off the wagon it will be okay.