Monday, September 10, 2012

To Be Continued. . .

Oh motivation, where have you gone?  Yesterday I was ready to kick ass but now I'm ready for bed.  I don't really feel like doing the Wii Fit but the Gazelle is downstairs and my daughter is outside so I can't lock up until she comes in.  If I wait much longer though I may not get my ass in gear at all.

Oh my G__(goodness)!!!!!!  This has got to be the most boring blog EVER!  Me complaining about how unmotivated I am.  Although, that is the title of the blog I suppose.  My big, fat, unmotivated ass.  So let's go, let's be motivated, LET ME GET MY ASS IN GEAR!!!!

To be continued????

Continued. . .

Definitely not my best effort but I did it! A half hour on the Gazelle and I sure had to push myself through it. I managed to burn 270 calories at least. I know, now I'm whining about actually exercising, but this blog is a diary of my weight loss journey and I have so many negative feelings that are coming out. This IS my journey, these ARE the feelings that I feel. I wish it was all easier, I wish I had more positive things to say but right now I'm still stuck right here so this me, this is my journey.

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