Thursday, September 20, 2012

Delay in Plans

No Couch to 5k for me Tuesday night. :( Instead I spent the evening vacuuming, changing bedding, doing laundry, and spent two hours picking nits out of my daughters hair. Every year when she goes back to school she comes home with the darn things! Ugh!  I spent another hour and a half combing last night with the Licemeister Comb that I picked up, it made it so much easier to pull through her long hair.
Food-wise I have been behaving.  Last night, however, my kids had a play date with my friends' kids.  We ordered our favorite salad from one restaurant, it has feta cheese, my favorite!  And we got KFC for the kids.  I LOVE their chicken breast fillets. They are so good. . .I compare them to eating the chicken skin, just as tasty but not as fattening!

Tonight my kids have karate.  I am considering leaving them there, going to my mom's to do the Couch to 5k and going back to pick them up.  It's a lot of driving but I need to get it done!

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