Friday, November 23, 2012

Falling up!

Just thought I'd stop in for an update since it has been a while! 

I finally started Couch to 5k Week 4 last Saturday.  I ran for 16 minutes!!!  Me!  16 minutes!  Okay, not all at once, but I ran for 3 minutes, then 5, then 3, then 5, with 1 1/2 minutes walking between the 3 and the 5 minute runs and a 2 1/2 minute walk between the first 5 and the second 3 minute walk. Still, I did it!!! I didn't think I could make it but I made myself try anyway!

I was aiming for 30 pounds this week and I actually hit 32!  What a great feeling!  An even better feeling is that more people are commenting. 

This week hasn't been a great one though.  When I went to do my run on Tuesday I had to cut the last two minutes of running because I wasn't feeling well, I finished off with the five minute walk though.  I guess it was a sign because I ended up being sick at work on Wednesday, staying home in bed on Thursday and tonight I'm just too tired and will be going to bed early.  Tomorrow is my work Christmas party, so it looks like I won't get to the treadmill until Sunday if I'm lucky.  I guess I'll be restarting Week 4!!!

Sometimes when you're up, you fall. But that's okay as long as you pick yourself up and try again!!!

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