Friday, June 29, 2012

Willpower Needed

You know, I can't believe how well I have actually been keeping up with this. Usually by now I've fallen off the wagon and avoided exercise completely on most days. Now I'm thinking ahead as to what work-out I will do tonight. One problem is creeping up on me though. PMS!!! I'm sooooooo hungry and want to eat everything in my house at that time of the month. Willpower, I need willpower! I'm taking my kids to a movie tomorrow. Last weekend my daughter and I went to one and I brought a bottle of water and ate some nachos. I managed to avoid the popcorn. This time I don't know if I can! I was thinking of sitting a seat away from them to be far away from the popcorn, but my daughter and I usually share the nachos. That's right! I'm gonna eat nachos! I promise I will share with her though and I will stay away from the popcorn (because if I say it, maybe I'll do it). Willpower!

I need to go shopping this weekend and buy a gel bike seat. My butt is recovering from my ride the other day. I figure if I get a gel seat I will just keep riding my sons' bike for now until I decide (or can afford) to get one of my own.

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