Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Shoe Therapy

I was feeling a little down last night.  I had spent most of the day feeling hungry even though I'm sure I ate the same amount as always.  Maybe it was because I stuffed myself the day before when I went out with my friend and my stomach was expecting more food again. 

I chose to do the Wii Fit as I needed a switch and I took the body test to test my balance as I do each time I use it.  While I didn't view my weight, it still showed me the little line graphing my BMI. . .and it went UP.  For some reason I felt defeated for the rest of the evening.  I know that weight fluctuates during the day and I had eaten out the day before so I expected it but somehow it still discouraged me.

I solved my down mood with some online retail therapy. Just a new pair of runners, but I felt better after.  This journey could get expensive! 

Today was better.  Still feeling extra hungry.  I'm drinking the water to try to fill me up to discourage snacking, but I've been snacking none-the-less.  At least I've avoided anything too bad.  If anyone is reading this and has some advice, please offer it.  I wish there was some kind of pill to take to take the edge off hunger!

I did my gym orientation at work today.  There is an Apollo four-station gym, ellipticals, treadmills, dumbbells, and spin-cycles.  I really want to try spinning but they don't offer classes or anything.  I'm not brave enough to face a public gym on my own to go to a class.  Right now I'm trying to find an online guide for starters or if I could find a video I could download to my iPod that would be great.  I'll keep looking!  First I have to be brave enough to go though.

I did the Gazelle tonight and felt like it was a good workout.  My legs feel like they're getting toned already.  Maybe it's my imagination!

Anywho, time to sign off for the night! ~TTYL

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