Saturday, June 16, 2012

Just Me

I guess it's time to tell you a little about me. I am a female in my mid 30's, but I'm sure you already figured out that I was a girl.

I've never been the "skinny" girl. I was always sure I was overweight, but when I look back at my childhood pictures I don't think I really was. I just happened to weigh more than my "skinny" friends. Even through high school I weighed more and was about 160 pounds when I graduated. Now I would love to be that "thin". Right after high school I got together with the guy that I am currently with, it was comfortable, secure, and I was up to 180. Now that's just a goal weight for me.

I have two kids and stayed around 180 after both pregnancies, but started to gain after. Up, up, up I went, eventually reaching 220.  In 2006 I decided that it was time to lose some weight. I bought a food scale and concentrated on portion control. With no exercise I lost 40 pounds and got down to 180. Then I stopped. And up, up, up I went again.

Eventually I hovered around 220 and more recently I just stopped caring all together and ate anything and everything I wanted. I knew it was bad but I really didn't care at all. I can blame it on stress and emotions. . .but should I? It just sounds like an excuse and I don't want to make excuses. So there I was this past Monday suddenly deciding it was the day to get my ass in gear. And I weighed in at 225.

So here I am today, two sleeps away from my week in weigh in.  I'm am actually nervous to step on that scale.  I am sure I must have lost something, but I am scared to see the results.  Will they encourage me? Or discourage me?  All I know is right now I'm in the right place.  I actually want to play on my Wii Fit.  So I think I'm going to do that now.  TTYL!

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