Tuesday, June 19, 2012

It was a good bad day

I was so bad, but it was so good!!!

I actually didn't totally blow my calorie intake yesterday or at least not as bad as I thought I was going to. My goal is 1700 or less calories per day and yesterday I reached 1948.

I did manage to get a half hour in on the Gazelle when I got home but I would definitely say that I had to push myself to make it through. I wanted to stop so badly after twenty minutes. Today I think I am just going to do some time on the Wii Fit as that is more like fun so in some ways easier to do. I also have my gym orientation at work tomorrow so that I will have more options available for working out if I choose. I'm a little self conscious about working out with other people around but seeing as how I've actually been motivated lately, maybe I will notice less. I'm not sure if I can keep this up, but for now I'm still not letting myself stop.

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