Monday, June 18, 2012

My Big Fat First Weigh-In

It's the day I have been impatiently waiting for. The day that tells me that my efforts are being rewarded. And the number is. . .[drum roll please]. . .219.2!!! That's 5.8 pounds, yay me! I wish every week could be this productive but I know it won't. Week one is always the best. I would like to lose at least two per week.

Today is also the day I've been waiting for because I'm going out to dinner with one of my best-friends since high school. We are going to our favorite restaurant. My favorite items are very calorie and fat filled but I was looking at the nutrition guide on-line and really everything is the same. So I will order as best that I can and I will enjoy it and hopefully I will still have time to burn a few calories when I get home. I can't believe I am actually concerned that I might not get to exercise! This is so not me!

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