Sunday, June 17, 2012

Day Six

By the time I post this it will be after midnight, but for me it's still today.

Not only did I do Wii Fit for 40 minutes (10 minutes yoga + 30 minutes other stuff) but I also did the Gazelle for 30 minutes this evening. Can you believe that? Me, who never exercises actually exercising twice? I can't believe it myself! I worry though. I worry that I'll skip a day, then not want to do it the next day either, and so on.

I know exercise is supposed to get easier the more often you do it but I was surprised that I barely broke a sweat tonight on the Gazelle. I will do it the same tomorrow and if I barely sweat again I might start some weight resistance.

Tomorrow is one week. I am proud of myself for getting through one week without feeling too much like heading in the wrong direction. That's why I prefer portion control because I can still eat what I want and not worry if it's unhealthy. Everything in moderation so I don't snap and eat everything all at once!

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