Thursday, June 14, 2012

I Ate Chips Today!

I ate chips today and they were so yummy!!! It was a small bag, 200 calories, and I don't even feel guilty.  I didn't eat the pita bread I took for my lunch so it really added only an extra 70 calories to my day.  I have a dinner "date"next Monday with my best friend so I need to be good until then because I'm sure I'll blow it all that day.  We are going to our favorite restaurant so I will be bad.

So this Gazelle thing I've been exercising on is "no impact", you basically just swing your legs, but my knees were really hurting last night.  I am going to take the night off.  I might drag out the Wii Fit if I can get my ass in gear because I worry that if I take the night off I may never get going again.  It would be so easy just to not do anything at all.

By the way, back to my chips. . .they were Ketchup chips. I love ketchup chips!!! If you are reading from the US, you have to try them sometime, I don't think they have them there. Om nom nom.

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