Thursday, June 21, 2012

Positive Feelings. . .For Now

I just had a great workout on my Wii-Fit.  I felt good the whole time.  Maybe I felt better because the little line went down today giving me a positive feeling! Yay! BUT. . .

Tomorrow I have plans to go to a friends' house after work so our kids can play and we're supposed to have take-out. D'oh! There is a salad that we love (with feta cheese) that we will have.  I guess that's so-so healthy.  And then we're getting KFC for the kids.  Eeeeeek! How will I resist that?!?!?  I must find a healthy choice to sneak in at KFC since I don't want to share that I'm trying to lose weight.  We will also be having booze!!! That little line on the Wii Fit is gonna go up, up, up again.  Not to mention that I will have no exercise time and I haven't taken I day off yet. Nooooooooooo!

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