Friday, June 15, 2012

Wheeeeeeee! (Or I should say Wii)

Just managed 21 minutes of Wii Fit last night. By the time I hunted down batteries for the balance board and then started a new profile, I didn't have much time. Life gets in the way sometimes especially when I procrastinate all evening. It was fun though. I think I'll do it again, although I want to Gazelle tonight.

Did you hear that?!? (Or read that I guess). I just said I want to Gazelle!!! That is an accomplishment as far as I'm concerned because I never want to exercise. Yay!

I know, it's only day five and I am so fighting to keep myself on track.  It's not like me wanting to exercise is going to continue, but it did feel good to realize that I did.

I'm posting this early so I might come back and do another post later.  And I think that I might be ready to share a little bit about me soon but I'm not sure where to start.  ~Just Me

And I'm back!

It seemed easier tonight on the Gazelle. I guess the day off from it was good for me. My knees hurt a little bit, but it didn't seem as long even though I still did only 30 minutes.

I'm off to park my ass on the couch and watch some ER DVD's. We've been slowly working our way through the seasons when we have time. TTYL!

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