Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Still Unmotivated

Still unable to motivate myself. I did walk to the store which is only a 14 minute walk there and back. I did so to test out my Skechers Shape Ups (also hurt my feet, I can't win). I also stayed below my maximum calorie intake despite eating potato chips! I always measure out just 50g (one serving) so that I don't overindulge.

I hope my get-up-and-go returns soon because I do worry that I will stop all together if I can't get it together. It's pathetic that I can see that happening but not get my ass in gear to stop it. Pitty party for one!


  1. I actually sell shoes and the Shape Ups fooled you a bit. We recently had to cover all of their promotions on the boxes saying that it tones. Apparently they lost a lawsuit and that they didn't have any evidence to back up their claims of the shoes toning abilities. Buy some mid priced asics or brooks and you should be fine! And keep the workouts going! Here's a video to help motivate you a bit :)

    I watch this video before every workout!

    Good luck and keep going!

    1. I had wondered about those because I don't see them being sold anywhere anymore! I actually got them really cheap off eBay because I needed a new pair of runners. All runners seem to hurt my feet though, I need to purchase some good inserts or orthotics I suppose. Thanks a bunch!!!! :)