Saturday, July 7, 2012

Bad Again

I was bad again today. 

We went bowling today.  It was fun even though I'm bad at it.  I bought a pitcher of Pepsi for the kids and I had a small cup since I didn't think to bring my water bottle.  Not a big faux-pas, but afterwards we went out for dinner.  The restaurant we went to didn't offer much in terms of healthy choices.  They did have caesar salad, but that's still pretty calorie-filled.  I caved and ordered a burger. . .and fries.  I am so ashamed.  This whole week is a failure!  My only hope is that my weight has not increased when I weigh in on Monday. 

I will still exercise tonight.  I will burn about 260 calories on the Gazelle.  I would like to do more as well but we'll see how I feel.  I'd like to take a bike ride tonight but it's so hot and humid out that I should probably do something else indoors.

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