Monday, July 30, 2012

I've fallen off the (food) wagon

My big, fat, unmotivated ass has become just that again.  Officially I'm down 14 pounds but I have not been very good for the past week with too many over calorie days and too few exercise days.  I did have to fight with myself tonight to not eat an ice cream after a very fatty dinner of ribs and rice.  As I write this I once again feel like bursting into tears, but now I realize that it's that most-unwonderful-time-of-the-month again and that last month I had an episode similar to this also.  I hope that I can get past this and continue on my big, fat, unmotivated journey.

I had my foot checked out today.  The doctor says it is okay and prescribed an anti-inflammatory cream to use on it.  I hope it helps.  The two times I worked out last week I felt minimal pain after but I am worried that when I go back to more frequent workouts that the pain will come back. 

I am going to write today off, which I am not proud of.  I just can't do it today, although I have done some house and yard work this evening which is more than I can say for most days.

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