Sunday, July 22, 2012


The best indication I have received that I am achieving results hasn't been the numbers on the scale, or that my pants are getting too loose on me.  The best thing that happened is that I was looking for a bra to wear with a tank top and I decided to try on a bra was that I bought online but have never worn because it was so tight that it hurt.  I put it on and it fit perfectly!  I can't even describe how good that felt.  I certainly did not expect results in that area.  I mean eventually, sure, but now?  I've only lost 13.6 pounds (as of this morning).  It felt GREAT!!!!

I purchased a Nike+ Sensor on Friday.  I love it!  I used it for two short walks.  I don't have Nike+ shoes so I just tucked it in under the tongue and it worked great.  I can't even believe how hard a brisk walk is though.  I'm not sure that hard is the right word though.  The first walk I wore my Skechers, beautiful shoes, but my hip was hurting (I do have hip problems).  I blamed the shoes since they are quite flat and I am used to a bit of a rise (heel).  The second walk I wore my Nike's, but still had some hip pain.  Like anything else I just need to get used to it.

I haven't ridden the bike in a while, it's just so hot here right now.  It seems we are always under heat advisories.  Not to worry because it seems I have enough other options right now so I am not getting bored.

I like writing on here when I have positive things to say.  Even if no one reads it, this helps me think about my progress, about my results, and about what I want to do next.  ~TTYL!!!

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