Monday, July 9, 2012

Four Weeks

Well, it has been four weeks and I am down 10.8 pounds.  Yay!  I wish that I could lose another 10 over the next four.  I am committed but I don't think I'm committed enough.  If I was I would exercise more and eat even better.  I am interested in running but I still don't have a treadmill and I am not confident enough to do it outside yet.

My friend wanted to go out for dinner tonight but all I could think was how I hadn't budgeted my calories for eating out today.  I was able to convince her to go tomorrow since I thought I should be home with my kids tonight.  We are going to the Olive Garden.  I plan to limit myself to one bread stick (wish me luck) and pig out on salad.  I will order an entree for the illusion and bring it home for my family to devour.


I had a great workout this evening.  This is the first time I would really say I was dripping sweat!  I mean I have felt it before but this time I started early and kept sweating throughout.  And I felt great!

I checked out the Olive Garden nutrition guide and I can't believe that one plate of salad with dressing has more calories than the Zuppa Toscana soup.  I am thinking that I should have soup but I love the salad sooooo much.  For my dinner I will likely order the Linguine alla Marinara which truthfully is what I usually order.  Simple but yummy and only 430 calories if I eat it all!  So one bread stick 150 calories, bowl of soup 170 calories, and entree 430 calories, I could get through dinner with just 750 calories.  I can certainly budget the rest of my day around that!

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