Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I'm Back

I'm back from my extended weekend vacation. I put on a few pounds while away but I'm confident that they will be lost fairly easy now that my eating is getting back to normal.

I didn't get around to Couch to 5k while I was gone, but I did a fair amount of walking. The problem will be if I can continue on with week two or if it's going to be too tough. I might have to regress to week one! I bought new runners while away so I am eager to test them out though. More shoe therapy! Or shoe motivation I guess.  Tonight I will likely stick with the glider as I have too much "life" to catch up on to take time to go to a treadmill, tomorrow my kids have karate and I don't think I'm ambitious enough to do the drop-off, run, pick-up again.  This means no treadmill until Friday though. :(

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