Sunday, October 7, 2012

I Will Not Do Sit-Ups

I was feeling pretty bloated this morning.  I'm pretty sure it's because of the Pizza Hut pizza I ate yesterday.  I love Pizza Hut's Pepperoni Lovers pizza and I haven't had it in well over a year I am sure.  That probably contributed to the down-mood I experienced last night though.  I weighed myself, despite feeling huge, and I have almost taken care of the weight I put on while I was away! My current weight loss is 22.8 pounds.  My dream of losing another 20 pounds in twelve weeks is fading fast as I am just finishing the 5th week.  It's not tragic though, I knew it was an (almost)impossible goal.

I'm not really sure that "bloated" is the correct word to use for how I felt though.  My mid section is my biggest problem area and so far I haven't done any area-targeting activities other than the yoga on my Wii-Fit.  AND it has been weeks since I have done any.  I think maybe the area is feeling looser (for lack-of-a-better-word) right now.  I either have to start Wii-Fit again or think of something else to do, and no, I will not do sit-ups.  I am considering looking at resistance-band training as well. 

We had a potluck at a friends' tonight.  I was pretty well behaved at dinner, but my will power faded as snacks and desserts were left out to tempt.  Chocolate. . .mmmmmm!  Also a cheese ball. . .so good!  Those were my downfalls!  Tomorrow we are having our Thanksgiving dinner.  Oh how I will try to be good, but all those "tastes" add up the calories so fast.  I think I should probably chalk this weekend up to failure.  Monday is a holiday so I won't be working, I will try to start being good though.  I also plan to start PGX fully this coming week.  I really hope it helps!

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