Monday, October 15, 2012

Twenty Five!

Twenty-five pounds down on this mornings' weigh-in baby! Woot-woot!!! Just in time to bloat up for Tom's visit and (hopefully) shrink back down and be below 200 next Monday for the first time in about five years! I can't wait for that number!

I'm feeling better today although I am tired. I'm not feeling stiff today despite waking up 20 times to turn over and crack my hips. I still have to flip my mattress but I didn't feel like changing the bedding last night.  Tonight doesn't look to be in the cards either, I'm too lazy!

I'm taking tonight off from exercise, tomorrow I will use the Gazelle and Wednesday I still plan Couch to 5k, Day 3.  I don't have much to say so it may be a few days before I drop by again.  I just wanted to report my happy weigh in today!!!  Have a great week all!

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