Sunday, October 28, 2012

Eat and Be Happy :)

I'm sure I mentioned that I use the site Calorie Count to track how many calories I am consuming and burning.  I recommend it to anyone looking to lose weight.  It's a great tool to use to keep myself in check.  I had decided against participating in the Biggest Loser challenge at work since I had already lost 20 pounds when they started, but I did recommend the site to one of my participating co-workers who asked how I was doing it.  I hope that she took my advice and look forward to hearing the results of the contest.

Couch to 5k, Week 2 Day 1, kicked my a$$! I will certainly need to wait until Wednesday to do Day 2 but then it's Halloween so it may be a late workout! Worst case scenario I'll have to wait until Thursday. I almost did another redo of a Week 1 Day, but I talked myself into moving on.

It was my daughters' birthday today so it was good proof that you can eat what you want (with small adjustments) and still make it through the day. For breakfast (more like brunch) it was Bacon, Eggs, and Diced potatoes. I had the eggs scrambled so that I wouldn't need toast and saved 120 calories. For supper we went to Swiss Chalet (love) and I had chicken (with skin), fries, a roll, and coleslaw. I only went a few calories over for the day but then burned them and more on the treadmill. To me that is proof that you can eat and be happy at the same time!

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