Monday, October 8, 2012

Shoe Drama!

I saved some calories today to make a treat that I've been wanting to try for a while.  I had bought some Epicure Seasoning for Hot BLT Dip (basically cream cheese and mayonnaise).  It was okay, but I think the recipe calls for too much mayonnaise so if I make it again I will cut the mayo in half.  I figure it can't hurt because the cheesier tasting, the better!  I could add some cheddar also.

Couch to 5k Restart = failed!  I'm going back to my old shoes next time!  My feet hurt a little, but my ankles and my left knee hurt a lot.  I popped my old shoes back on after 15 minutes and felt instant relief in my feet and ankles but my knee continued to hurt.  I had to quit from the pain after 20 minutes (I would never quit from tiredness).  I figure if I try my old shoes the next time then I will know for sure if it is the shoe or if I have a knee problem.  I need to exercise though, so tomorrow I will do the Gazelle.  I need a good calorie burn.

PGX Day One.  No noticeable appetite change after lunch (I didn't eat breakfast because I slept in instead).  I forgot to take it before dinner so I took it with dinner.  Again, nothing noticeable.  Maybe I won't notice until I get to the higher doses since I was already doing the 2.5g serving with lunch during the week.

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