Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Twenty Minutes. . .Because We Can

I went downstairs to the treadmill, put my accessories in their place, and thought "Two eights again? No, I'm gonna do twenty."  My rationale was that if I couldn't make twenty I would walk after eight and then do the second eight as usual.  I turn my iPod on and the first song to come on is Bon Jovi's new release, Because We Can.  Great song to start off to, and the lyrics are infectious.

I ran for eight minutes and thought, I can do ten.  I got to ten minute and thought, I can keep going. So I kept going.  Now I'm up to fourteen and thinking, I can get to 16 again!  16 was my previous best.  Well, I got to 16 and I'm thinking, I can still go!  17, 18, well there is only two minutes left, 19, I'm almost there. . .20!!! I ran for twenty minutes!!! I can finally move on to Week 6 which I am sure is going to kick my ass!

Photo: IT'S HERE!!! Download our new single, "Because We Can" RIGHT NOW at iTunes: http://smarturl.it/BecauseWeCan
The toenail saga:  I'll spare you the picture today.  I actually think the nail polish had been protecting the damage.  I believe the nail is cracked and now that it is not sealed with polish, water has seeped into the crack and now the moisture is trapped causing it to turn white.  I'm pretty sure that I am at least going to lose part of the toenail.  A trip to a podiatrist may need to be in my future. :(

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