Monday, January 7, 2013

Proceed With Caution

I finally took the nail polish off of my toes.  I have been suspecting something was up with the big toe nail since my pedicure polish started growing out more.  I have runner's toe!  I always expected it since the toenail pain started early in my Couch to 5K attempts.  Despite switching between runners to alleviate toenail and foot pain, the damage had already been done.  At least it's not causing me pain.  It's quite ugly to look at so at least it's not sandal season.  Hopefully it will just grow out and not fall off.


On to the flu. . .
I'm still hoping to keep the worst of the flu away.  It has run amok in my house!  I felt better this evening but now I am nauseous.  My son had the "feel better" stage followed by the vomiting stage.  I'd really rather not come across that stage, not that anyone would.  I plan to run tomorrow so I really want to be better.

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