Friday, January 18, 2013

Just Not Getting There Yet

Oh how I failed at Couch to 5k again!!!  The week 6 day 3 run is 22 minutes.  I didn't even get close!  I thought I would break it into two elevens, but I only made it ten.  Then I couldn't make it through the second ten.  I checked out the runs in the following weeks and they all just add time.  No more run-walk-run.  I might have to check out some other apps or just try increasing the time on my own.  I'm not sure how I'm ever going to survive 22 minutes.  I survived 20 once, so maybe one day. . .

I finally got the Wii Fit out of the corner it was hiding in.  I did some basic yoga, just 17 minutes.  I'm still pretty sure that yoga was invented as a medieval torture method.  I am convinced that yoga is the answer to help firm up the mid-section a bit, although I am realistic and I know it won't do much especially if I don't commit myself to it regularly.

Bloggers note:  In an effort to make my blog more creative I have been adding pictures and cartoons.  I apologize that several pictures did not seem to appear properly.  I have updated the picture in my post "Forty!" as well as "Proceed With Caution".  Thanks for reading!

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