Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Most Amazing Feeling

I went to the mall to try on some pants that I have been eyeing for a while and were now on sale. I selected a size 14. They looked big but had a low waist so I took a size 12 to the dressing room as well. My thoughts were that even if the 12 was snug I would go with them anyway since I am not done with my weight loss. So I go in the change room and decide to be brave and try the 12 first. Then I'm like a giddy little schoolgirl because they were too big!!! I asked the staff member for a 10 and they fit great. I was thrilled! Now I'm sure these pants were sized big, but I don't care, I bought a size 10!!! I don't remember EVER buying a size 10!  I can't tell you how amazing it felt.  I was on a high the rest of the night!

I do love these pants (I love red) and they are quite slim through the leg but I think they look great!  I can't wait to wear them!  I'm going to watch to see if they go down any cheaper in price so I can buy an 8 for when I lose more!!! Yup, I'm that determined to do it!
Speaking of weight, I'm at 42 pounds.  Three pounds to go! Amazing! 
Second attempt at a 22 minute "run".  (I say "run" but it's a jog).  Fail!  I really don't know how I made it to 20 minutes before.  I ran for 14 minutes this time followed by a three-minute walk and another 5 minute run.  I think it's time to drop the Couch to 5k program and just concentrate on getting to 22 minutes, then 23, 24 and so on. . .
However it's -35°C (-31°F) with the windchill right now and it's going to drop even more this evening.  I am not going out to run today!  I declare hibernation!  Instead I will do some yoga and then workout on the glider.

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