Friday, January 4, 2013

PGX Update

I hope that posting every day is not making my posts too boring.  Or at least not any more boring than usual!

I did run tonight, just the two eight-minute runs that I had planned.  I think I'm ready to see how close I can get to 20 again next time (previous record 16 minutes).  That is as long as I don't get side-lined with the flu.  My son has been sick and tonight when I was done my run I was sure I was going to vomit.  I managed to shake it of but my stomach hasn't been right all day.


I haven't mentioned PGX in a while. I have been taking it twice a day (4 capsules each time) with breakfast and lunch. I think I was taking for granted that it was curbing my appetite because I ran out and haven't taken it for the last two days and I've been hungry all the time. Super hungry!!! It was in an advertisement on sale for $26.95 for 120 tablets at a few health stores. The store where I purchased it had it with a bonus of the granules (15-pack). I'm a bit poor this week, but I will check back in two weeks when I get paid again and hopefully stock up! I do like to mix the granules in with a smoothie or my morning oatmeal. You don't have to wait for the capsules to dissolve that way.

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