Saturday, February 2, 2013

Reflecting on this Journey

Sorry I have been absent for a bit, I haven't had much to say.  I am super close to my goal, just 1.4 pounds away, but I haven't been well behaved this week though so I am aiming for February 11th.

Since I am so close to my goal I have been considering making my blog public to my friends.  It is already "public" I know, but I have told no one, except my fellow Calorie Counters, about its existence.  As a result of this consideration I have gone back to re-read the entire journey.

Incredibly boring, YES, but I don't think I have realized that it was an incredibly emotional journey also.  I definitely see much sadness in my earlier (and not actually very long ago) posts.  While more recently they certainly have a more positive tone.  I actually forgot that I included some sort of exercise almost every day at the beginning.  Not a lot, so if you are just starting to read now then remember that even just a little bit helps, but I did lose weight previously with almost no exercise.  Exercise really did help elevate my mood this time though.

Sharing my blog is deeply personal and I hope that if I choose to that I will not come to regret it.  This really has been a journey, and I am nowhere near done yet.


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