Saturday, February 2, 2013

Little Big Bread

I am thrilled with my discovery of Little Big Bread! It's made from Organic whole sprouted grains and contains no oil. It is a vegan product, which is not important to me personally but it is definitely a plus for some. Two slices contain 110 calories and only a 1/2 gram of fat!* Best of all, I actually enjoy the taste. It is the only bread I have seen earn an "A" on Calorie Count. There may be others but this is the first for me.

Now hubby is not happy with the $4.67 price tag it carried at Walmart (Canada), but I'm very happy with the product. It is sold in Canada at many stores and in quite a few US states (click here to search for a location near you). I will certainly be checking the price out at other stores because I plan to make it a regular item on my shopping list (sorry hubby but I do the grocery shopping).

*The nutritional information on the package indicates 2 slices = 43 grams, upon weighing several two-slice servings, the actual weight is 48 grams.  The adjusted nutritional information is below.

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