Friday, August 24, 2012

Vacation Update

Vacation dieting is hard.  I have been trying to control portions and not eat junk between meals but I'm not always making the best decisions with my meals.  I really do hope that I will not have too hard of a time getting back into the proper diet habits when I get back to reality.

On the plus side, exercise has been plenty.  Not intentional, so no muscle toning type of activities (I could really use some yoga for my belly is feeling quite flabby), but lots of walking and even a bit of swimming.  Did I mention LOTS of walking?  I feel good in that regard.  Again though, I will have to get back into the routine when I get home, I hope I will not fail.

One thing that is really missing on this vacation is my water intake.  I have not been doing so well on the eight cups a day that I try to take in to help fill me up. I have not been snacking though.  I have been pretty limited to just the three meals per day.

I wouldn't call my vacation diet a complete failure, but still, it is going to be hard to keep myself motivated when I get back.

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