Saturday, March 1, 2014

The (Running) Week That Was

Sunday. . .Couch to 5k Week 6, Day 3. . .I ran for 22 minutes.  I told myself I could do it and then I did it!  The last three minutes were hard, but I kept going.  I really was amazed since the 20 minute run only one week prior had felt so far beyond my reach and now I had accomplished 22 minutes instead.  Next up was Week 7, Day 1. . .25 minutes.

Tuesday. . .I ran for those 25 minutes!  I gave it my all.  I turned the iPhone screen off so that I couldn't see how long I had left.  Once I did start feeling like I was (hopefully) close to the end, I turned it on and found three minutes remaining.  Those three minutes were again hard, but I did it! 

Thursday. . .Couch to 5k Week 7, Day 2 was 25 minutes again and I nailed it.  Once again I turned the screen off, but this time I didn't turn it on again.  I was so satisfied with myself!

Friday. . .Lunchtime yoga.  Oh, it was hard.  I usually have a rest day before yoga day but since my run schedule is off track, there was no rest day.  I'm not sure if I was just tired in general or if not having a rest day was the problem but I did feel super shaky.  I really need to work on my upper body strength though because even on a good day, the upper body yoga exercises are difficult for me.

Today (Saturday). . .I am sore and stiff from yoga but I need to run today as I would like to get my run schedule back to the normal days (Monday, Wednesday, Saturday).  I have run in this condition before so I am hopeful that I can do it.  If I don't make it through at least I can say I tried!!!  I am repeating myself but remember, even a bad run is better than no run at all!

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