Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Return

I was sick.  Not super sick, but sick enough to knock me down.  Gastroenteritis.  I came home from work early on Friday and slept like a rock.  There was no possible outcome that involved running.  Saturday I felt pretty good.  We even went to a friends' for an evening of self-sabotage.  Sunday I was sick again.  Lots of sleep.  Monday I went to work and survived quite well until the evening.  And yesterday, Tuesday, I finally felt decent again.  So tonight I ran.
After a week of not running I was worried, but figured I would push myself to run for 30 minutes, no giving up, just do it.  I'm not going to lie, it was rough at times.  When I was almost done, I decided I wasn't done.  I decided to push through to 2.35 miles again. . .and I succeeded!

I have to tell you, the last two evenings my legs were so restless!!!  Do you ever get that sort-of irritated feeling all over that can only be satisfied by moving around?  And it's so annoying!!!  I'm pretty sure it was my body saying "Hey, you!  You need to stretch these legs and go for a run!"  I never would have thought my body would tell me to run!

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