Saturday, March 15, 2014

Feeling Good

2.1mi = 3.3796km

That's how long I can run (jog) for.  Three times I've done it now.  My next goal is 2.35 miles and my first attempt will hopefully be tomorrow.  I have previously said that it's boredom that makes me want to stop during my runs, not being tired.  I feel confident that I have the energy to make that distance, I just hope I have the attention span to accomplish it.

My schedule is a little off again.  My normal Wednesday run was preempted by taking the family to a hockey game.  Fun night; ate my favorite big, yummy (probably extremely fattening) hot dog - smothered in onions, bacon and nacho cheese!  Unfortunately, our team lost though.  Thursday night was karate for the kids so I didn't run until yesterday (Friday).  I also did yoga on my lunch break at work and my legs felt like jello all afternoon but I still ran, and I felt pretty good. 

So bad, I know!

I don't have anything else to report otherwise but I figured it was time to make an update.  It may be short but the part that I can run for 30 minutes (and not be super winded) is freaking exciting!

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