Monday, January 20, 2014

Taking Notice

One thing about losing weight is you start to look better overall.  Not just a smaller waist line, but a thinner face too.  Now I find that I pay more attention to how I look. . .or maybe I just actually like that I look better so I notice it more.  

Today I started Week 2 of Couch to 5k.  This week the program is 31 minutes each day.  As usual, it starts with a five-minute warm-up and ends with a five-minute cool-down.  There are six 1 1/2 minute runs, with two minute walks after each run.  It wasn't horrible, the runs were tolerable, but I still think to myself that I have no idea how I ever ran for 30 minutes!  I burned around 250 calories.

I saw this meme today and it rings true to me.  Remember, I lost most of my weight just by paying attention to what I ate.  The weirdest thing happened along the way though. . .I actually started to enjoy exercising.  And I'll be honest, I think about doing more but I also still enjoy being lazy!

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