Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A Snag in My Plan

I was going to go to the gym after work today for the first time.  The gym is at work and provided at no cost to us so I thought I could check it out and use the treadmill there before heading home.  However, there was boot camp in the gym so I could not go.  I also checked the schedule and there is boot camp three days a week.  I'm disappointed because I thought the gym would be a good idea, and I'm not a morning person and lunch is too short.  Tuesdays and Fridays are my only after-work options to go and who wants to stay at work on a Friday?!?  I will put that on hold for now.

I did use the treadmill tonight though.  Couch to 5k, Week 1, Day 2.  Same as day one.  Eight one-minute runs (well, a jog really) with 1 1/2 minutes walking separating each.  My Fitbit tells me I burned 240 calories.  I think I love it!  I probably burned a couple more but I forgot to record the number when I first started walking (it provides a running total for the day).  I think it will help me to push harder each time. 

As for the running, it was a little tougher this time, so I would like to wait until Saturday to run next.  However, I also wanted to make Saturday a self-sabotage day.  It might be a good idea to do both. . .or, it might not.

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