Sunday, January 5, 2014

One Pound Means So Much

One-sixty-eight.  It took almost four months to get here from 169, but I really did struggle in the months since reaching 169.  The last week has felt "easy" again, so maybe I can start making some additional progress toward my ultimate goal of 160.  I have said before that you have to be ready to make the changes, and I guess this time I am.  Only time will tell, so we will see how things are going in a couple of weeks. 

My Fitbit did not come on Friday, so Amazon refunded my express shipping charge as they had shipped it too late in the day to make it here on time.  I would definitely say they have great customer service.  I had hoped to have the weekend to figure it out, but no such luck.  Oh well, maybe next weekend.

I did receive my new olive-oil sprayer on Friday.  I have missed my sprayer.  My old one had stopped working properly and I kept forgetting to look for a new one so I purchased one for $9.99 off Amazon and I love it.  I'm not sure if I have ever recommended purchasing an olive-oil sprayer before, but I really do recommend it.  It is so much better than a canned non-stick spray, and you use so much less oil than if you were to pour the oil directly into the pan.  I also use it when I'm cooking meat that needs to be turned in the oven (like my chicken wings), and to spray homemade oven-fries to keep the fat content light and to make them crispy.  It's the small things that keep me happy! (And the small things that keep it healthy!) Just make sure you follow the directions for proper spray.


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