Friday, March 8, 2013

Plateau Perhaps

I really think that I have finally hit a plateau.  My weight has been teetering around 178 for the last month.  That's 47 pounds lost.  I really would like to get to 160 eventually but the thing is, I'm not really ready to change my current habits or break out a new workout routine, and I'm not willing to go to the gym.  Not yet.  Maybe never.  I still plan to maintain, and I hope to NEVER see a rise over 180 ever again!

Most of this past week's spare time has been spent spring cleaning.  There hasn't been time to run, but cleaning and vacuuming and washing floors burns calories too!  I feel a sense of satisfaction in that not only am I changing myself, but I'm changing the "world" around me.  I have gone through my closet and got rid of most of the clothes in there and hopefully I will go through my dressers this weekend to finish that task.  I finally have room to store my new, smaller clothes!!!

I did run tonight and I didn't make it far.  I don't know if it is because I haven't run or maybe it just wasn't a good night but I will do it again on Sunday and push a little harder.

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