Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Looking Up

I finished off my last post by saying "There's always going to be some "down's" on this journey.  The important thing is not to give up and to know the "up's" will be there again soon!"  I am living by this right now because I am on a big slope of  "down",  and I really AM looking forward to the "up's" returning soon.  I know they are in there and I have to remember to find them soon!

I am hoping that today is the "up" day that I need.  I'm still super hungry (damn PMS) but I do plan on going for a run tonight.  I will also try my hardest to be good food-wise (although I probably will slip in a couple of small cookies!).  I really don't have a lot of time so the dishes will have to remain unwashed and probably a few other chores undone so that I can use the time for a run.

And I'm hoping it's a good run!  My body has had a four day rest from running so I am hoping to push it to 30 minutes again.  The rest of me is tired though.  I feel like if I can make the 30 minutes that I will be back climbing up-hill again.  I really want to be there!

Starting in a month I will be working a set shift at work.  I will no longer have to work the "late" shift and I am hoping that will help put difficult weeks, such as these, to a rest.

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