Monday, December 3, 2012

All By Myself. . .Again

I guess it's hard to get people to read when I post so irregularly, but I will continue to post when I can as this has been a helpful journal when I have needed to look back at my progress.

34 pounds today, sweet!!! And I was worried!  I felt fabulous when I saw the number on the scale.  I am 11 pounds from my first goal. I say "first" goal as when I reach it I plan to set my next goal to lose an additional 20 pounds.  I will be really happy when I reach that first goal, the second one is just a bonus.

Calorie Count estimates my goal weight to be reached on February 26/13. Ba ha ha ha!!!! That calculator certainly isn't factoring Christmas into the equation! I don't plan to be bad, but I know there will be some bad! I must have butter tarts!! They are my weakness. I will do my best and I will bring healthy snacks to places where there will be temptations.  I am going to offer to cook ham and perogies for my mom as we have turkey dinner at her house.  She, in turn, will hopefully make veggies for me.

I failed at Couch to 5k yesterday, I found that I tired quickly. I may be getting a cold.  I have successfully fought off the last two colds that ravaged my home but both of the kids have wicked coughs right now so I am not sure I can do it again.  I am definitely boosting my vitamin C intake.  I hope to give it a shot again tomorrow, although life could get in the way.  I'd prefer Wednesday but again, I am not sure when I can fit in so I had better do it while I can.

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