Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I Have Muscles!!!

I have muscles in my calves that I am actually proud of!  They are amazing (to me).

It was my first bad holiday-feasting day today. It was our Christmas lunch at work today. I ate my entire daily calorie allotment! Oh no! So I certainly couldn't skip my run tonight no matter how tired I was!

Last Wednesday I finally moved on to day 2 of week 5 on Couch to 5k. The last minute of the second run was killer! I did again though, and I thought I was a long way from the day 3 twenty-minute run.  I was going to do a third-repeat of day 2 tonight and then I realized I would never reach 20 minutes if I didn't at least start trying to make it to 20. I ran for 16 minutes straight!!! Then I walked for two minutes then ran again for the last two. Next time I will shoot for at least 17. 16 minutes straight?!? I can only say wow! I am truly proud of myself!

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