Sunday, March 29, 2015

Finally, A Good Day

Everything in moderation. That has always been a big part of my journey. Today I was actually able to put philosophy to use.

Today was a good day. Mind you, I did have a late breakfast. It was difficult to get through the afternoon without snacking, but had an earlier than usual supper.  It's was just me and my daughter for supper and she asked for Subway.  I decided to get a salad, which was surprisingly delicious. I have been off of salads lately, I guess I had grown tired of them (not that I really had that many).

Immediately after supper, despite being full, I still wanted to eat. I drank water, and had a small chocolate treat at an attempt to satisfy myself.  My calories were low for the day, so about an hour and a half after dinner I decided to have chips and Queso.  Moderation.  I only had half a serving of chips.  It was mainly the cheese Quseo that I wanted anyways.

I still have the rest of the evening to get through. My taste buds seem happy though. Hopefully that was the last of my cravings for the day. There is still room for a little more indulgence in my day though.

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