Friday, April 3, 2015

Easter: Good or Bad Day?

My food baby has grown and I'm not being very good job of shrinking it! I managed to have a couple of pretty good days but then followed them with a really bad day.  I have done well the last couple of days (despite Easter dinner) and I need to do extremely well for at least one more day before a very important weigh-in. . .I did another DietBet.

My Mom told me a couple months ago she was going to pick up a ham to cook for Easter.  I called her Saturday night to ask if there’s anything she forgot that I can pick up before the stores close.  Grocery stores here are closed at 11pm and are not open on Easter.  She tells me she didn’t get anything for Easter.  She “forgot” to get the ham (and also had nothing else like potatoes, for example).  So off to the store I go at 9:30 pm the night before Easter.  Thankfully they had many hams to choose from!  Making Easter dinner myself probably worked out better as I was able to make things that would be good for me to eat (like a kale salad from Costco). 

This weigh-out has one more catch; PMS. I should be good and bloated by Tuesday! Darn!  I'm drinking lots of water to try to keep it flushed out.  If I'm close on Tuesday, I can take that day and work my ass off so that maybe I can make it on Wednesday instead.

A friend posted this picture after I made this
post so I had to come back and add it!

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